The Gender Tag

Hey there!

The gender tag project was started by Ashley Wilde on youtube to encourage all types of people to talk about their experience with gender. You’ll get to know me a little better through this and if you’d like to do it please do and link me to your post below!

1. How do you self-identify your gender, and what does that definition mean to you?
I am transgender ftm, meaning I was assigned female at birth but am actually a male. I don’t like to use the phrase ‘born in the wrong body’ as this is my body and as I am a boy, my body is a boy’s.

2. What pronouns honor you?

3. Describe the style of clothing that you most often wear.
Androgynous describes it best, however at work I wear smart typically ‘feminine’ clothes as its an environment with children and I feel I have to present myself as a girl.

4. Talk about your choices with body hair. How do you style your hair? Do you have facial hair? What do you choose to shave, or choose not to shave?
I like tying my hair half up and plan to get my hair cut shorter as soon as possible. I’m actually struggling a lot with self care at the moment so I’m shaving very rarely but usually I shave my armpits regularly and occasionally shave my legs. I do however feel better when I shave my legs, cleaner almost, its just a laziness thing if I’m my usual self.

5. Talk about cosmetics. Do you choose to wear makeup? Do you paint your nails? What types of soaps and perfumes do you use if any?
I don’t wear make up but I did get a really nice lipstick for Christmas so I do plan on wearing just lipstick sometimes if I feel like it. To me makeup just feels very uncomfortable on my face and I don’t like how it makes me look. I rarely paint my nails but when I do its usually dark colours like black or purple. I wear perfume on special occasions – it’s an opus one which is advertised as a men’s perfume.

6. Have you experienced being misgendered? If so, how often?
All the time. Online and with close friends the correct pronouns and name are used but otherwise I am called she/her and my birth name.

7. Do you experience dysphoria? How does that affect you?
I experience dysphoria very badly and it causes intense depression and contributes towards many of my illnesses.

8. Talk about children. Are you interested in having children? Would you want to carry a child if that were an option for you? Do you want to be the primary caretaker for any children you may have?
I’m interested in looking after and caring for children and plan to do that as I am planning to be a teacher at a special needs school (for children with things like down syndrome or severe autism etc), otherwise I have always wanted to foster children or maybe even adopt but never carry my own.

9. Talk about money. Is it important to you to provide for a family financially if you choose to have one? Is it important to you that you earn more than any partner you may have? Do you prefer to pay for things like dates? Are you uncomfortable when others pay for you or offer to pay for you?
I’m not sure about this at the moment.

10. Anything else you want to share about your experience with gender?
You might feel alone, especially if you are questioning or not cisgender, but there are going to be people in real life who feel similar and there’s a whole WORLD on the internet of the LGBTQ+ community.

That’s the gender tag! I have loads of ideas coming soon so follow if you’d like to see them πŸ™‚

Till next time,

Liam πŸ™‚


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