Help With Voices

Hi guys!

So as you may have noticed if you’re following me, this was originally a password protected post. That’s because I wrote this for a friend who struggles with hearing voices and had actually never been given any legit advice on how to cope with it. The only one that we’ve all heard is the bus analogy, and in my opinion it doesn’t really help at all.

I’ve been dealing with hearing voices for about 2-3 years now and with the help of quetiapine (my current antipsychotic) I find them a lot easier to deal with. I think that doctors prefer to try and help you deal with hearing voices with therapy before medication is introduced.

Hearing voices is incredibly distressing and can be experienced in many different ways, these kinds of things vary from easy to hard but you need to know you can’t fight hearing voices. If you hear voices frequently you’ll know that sometimes they have an edge and you can do nothing but listen and do what they say. If you’re in this situation you need to tell someone and get proper support and help, try searching ‘dbt distress tolerance skills’ as these will help you deal with a crisis.


Help With Voices

1.Write or draw or paint or even write a song. Expressing the emotional pain the voices are causing can help you deal with it.

2.Calming music. There’s this app called ‘relax melodies’ that means you can choose sounds like rain and chimes and layer them and they play even when the app isn’t open.

3.Layered music. Often for me I need several distractions and sometimes normal music isn’t really enough to use up all that listening power you’re currently using on the voices. So triple layered songs became a saviour for me, try out this.

4.ASMR things. Again same concept, these I just find quite good to focus on and you can experience new sound textures which is very stimulating for you brain. Here is one by Dodie Clark, one of my favourite youtubers.

5.Writing positive things. Things like writing about how you will get through the evening and be proud of yourself and remind yourself how amazing you are and remember good memories and write them down, basically try to DROWN YOUR BRAIN IN POSITIVITY!

6.Personifying the voices. My friend Jenna created a creature that she drew that represented her mental health issues and just giving it a face and separating it from yourself can help.

7.Call a friend. This one is not only very helpful because you’re distracting but is a scientific aid to relieving hearing voices. When you hear them you use the language part of your brain, which you also use when talking so that uses up some of the brain power the voices WERE using.

8. DANCING to music and singing along of course. The singing is like the speaking too, it helps.

9.Rephrasing. This one takes a while to get the hang of and actually believe, its like a cheerleading kind method but for voices. Say the voices were telling you someone was going to hurt you (something I often hear), I could rephrase that as thank you voices for informing me I feel unsafe, I will use {DBT skills} to help me. Or telling you to hurt yourself – thank you for telling me I am having urges to hurt myself because I am {insert feeling} so I will use {DBT skills} to cope with the emotion (or lack of when feeling numb – grounding works).

You may have read that and not understood as it includes the use of skills I’ve learnt in DBT therapy. However, in theory this still works, rephrasing it in your head and then using your own methods to deal with your emotions.

10.Surf the wave. Urges will ALWAYS pass and simply riding out the urge can be incredibly hard. So don’t forget to distract and celebrate achievements of all sizes like making a cup of tea – it takes so much strength to not do what the voices say. And obviously most important remember who you are and how beautiful and strong you are and if you ever need reminding send me a message – ANYTIME! I will always reply as quickly as I can. 🙂


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