What I’d Love to Post on Facebook


For a long time I’ve been watching people who share their stories publicly. I find it so brave and admirable, but also I find it just as brave for people who spread awareness and help people in quieter, smaller ways. When met with the news that one of my best friends has told a lot of people I want to be a boy, (there is so much wrong with this situation but I’ll save it all for another time) I deemed it a good thing as it provoked strong emotions that I knew would help me express things I’ve been struggling with for a while.

I really want to help people in a way that I feel most comfortable and okay with. Here is what I would love to post on Facebook…


This post is filled with drama. Please read.

I wanted to explain something to you all. Something that you’ve perhaps heard about (although I’m telling you now, remember Chinese whispers? That is EXACTLY what this is) or perhaps you have no idea about what I’m about to address. It is that some of you are under the impression that ‘I want to be a boy’. I’m just gonna clear that all up, no I don’t.

I am unbelievably good looking with short hair, and attractive to many… some… a few… maybe like just my friends think I’m kinda cute. BUT yeah, point is no, the rumours are FALSE. Yet I am sure this is going to be something else to gossip about, so get your thumbs ready, this next bit is where it starts to get interesting…

We’re moving on to mental illness for me to demonstrate this concept that I am normalised to some things that simply aren’t normal. There’s A LOT of things I have experienced and know about. Yet despite this normalisation I have, mental illness is horrible. And I want you all to know that you are not any less worthy of help because someone ‘has it worse’. I’m not going to list anything but whatever you are going through right now, it is not a level of ILL ENOUGH. ITS A LEVEL OF HAVING A PROBLEM AND NEEDING HELP.

So, the point is, if I use my words and experience, using my odd un-shocked state, I can HELP people. Which is what I will do with this. I’m not doing it for drama or because I want to call people out or anything like that, this is to help people. All people.

My name is Liam. I am a boy. I said I didn’t ‘want to be a boy’. It’s true, not because there’s anything wrong with boys but because of the label that comes with my entire life (not being dramatic or anything but we could heighten this to existence if we wanted to make this sound like an existential crisis). Transgender. A word you’ve heard? Probably. A word you accept? I don’t know but THANK YOU if you do. A word you understand? No, not unless this word has taken your life too.

Okay, I admit I have made this very negative, forced you to acknowledge that the LGBTQ+ community EXISTS (and we’re all fabulous) and that mental illness is real and something worth talking about. But I am KNOWN for being able to find the positives in all situations.

I can help people in an entirely new way! I can make dick jokes and know they have a (hilarious) hidden meaning. It means I can get these OVER SEXUALISED lumps of fat removed for a legit reason! It means I can CALL OUT PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK WHO LOVE SPREADING NEWS THAT ISNT THEIRS TO SHARE. I actually really don’t care and find it quite funny unless you are someone I once trusted. That’s when it hurts. That’s when despite dropping in the ‘to me? Transgender means discrimination taken to a whole new level, literally deadly when the secret is found out in some cases’ in the most unsubtle way possible.



Yet, I do understand. Transgender is something to talk about. Something you can show off. Something you can be ignorant about because it’s nothing but expected. Transgender is like a fashion statement to some people. My gender is not to be worn. Take it off please.

What do I want you to do with this information you ask? I ask the minority of you that you treat this as another over dramatised situation. You find out, you gossip, you spread. And then you accept. And leave it alone. I will be subject to abuse enough during my life, please don’t think one more person doesn’t matter.

And then the rest of you. The ones who have taken this on board, knowing already or not. The ones who have read this and not taken personal offence as you know this wasn’t all for you. Hello. I will introduce myself again as Liam, ask you to (and try your best with) use my correct pronouns. He/him. I know this is a very new and possibly weird thing to ‘actually be happening’. But I have used this part of me to help educate you and aid you in understanding as much as you can. You can help too.

I am here for you all. Every single one of you. The ones who won’t ever call me Liam, the ones who will and will never look back, and all of those in between. I do honestly and truly love you and care for you.

Thank you for reading


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