Spreading Awareness

On March 1st, it was self harm awareness day. Although I don’t always participate in mental illness awareness days I do love how its a great reason to get talking about such taboo topics. I do tend to gravitate towards psychosis awareness especially, however, I have never felt able to contribute because I don’t feel comfortable sharing my story.

As if that’s the only way you can spread awareness?!

Clearly I’d made an assumption that the only way to spread awareness was an obvious in-your-face kind of way like posting on your facebook profile about it. When I actually thought about it I realised there’s actually a lot of different ways I can help with fighting the stigma and you can too.

**Quickly an important thing to note. The one rule when spreading mental illness awareness is to put yourself first, and by that I mean only do what you are comfortable and okay with. It fits well with my recent realisation that going into group for the next module I need to walk in ready to focus on MY recovery, not helping everyone else. You always need to put yourself first when mental illness is in the equation.**

Things you can do to spread awareness…

•Share your own journey
•Show support to others who are sharing their journeys with a simple like, comment or share
•Share links or like pages that are for people affected by mental illnesses. Mind, b-eat and the voice collective are ones I’ve put out there for others to explore
•Post on awareness days (find out WHEN there are awareness days)
•Talk about mental illness with people, start conversations about it
•Stand up for people being discriminated against
•Raise money for charities supporting people affected by mental illnesses

Those are some things from big to small, never think you cant make a difference. Something I will be doing soon is sharing a part of my journey on tumblr anonymously. I want to reassure other people suffering from psychosis or schizophrenia that it is okay to fit the negative stereotype and we are not bad people because of what our illnesses have caused us to do.

Tomorrow I hope to post again as it will be the 6th March, a very special date that I would like to write about and reflect on some things (with it also being mothers day so do excuse me if I don’t manage to find time!)

Hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves,

Liam 🙂


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