Contemplations About Support

Hello there lovely people!

I’m going to start off this post by telling you the funny story of today’s April fools prank on my dad…

So, this morning I messaged my dad telling him me and my brother wouldn’t be able to spend the week with him as we had got a last minute place at a residential camp with air cadets. We were expecting him to not fall for it as we do one on him every year without fail HOWEVER it turned out we fooled him… probably because it was so believable as the exact same thing but with a shooting day happened only last week. I consider the success as a good bonding experience 😉

Now, onto the main topic. I’ve been thinking a lot about support. What support I have, what support I can give to others and the support I can give to myself. Whilst contemplating all of this I’ve focused on the present answers and things like gratitude instead of worthiness.

The thoughts…

I have an amazing family and caring friends who I know will stick by me, I am so lucky for the amount of support and love I receive from others. I also have a great care team behind me which is still growing. I couldn’t ever wish for more.

The support I can give currently is limited as I have found I damage myself sometimes when trying to help someone else. I know that I need to get myself a positive circle of friends at college in September and that helping someone in the depths of mental illness because I care about them a lot is actually not best for me, and sometimes I need to put myself first.

Thinking about the support I can give to myself is where it gets interesting as I have a lot of resources to help myself that I have built up over time, however recently I’ve found a few new things (mainly online) so I will list a few…

  • Watching informative but not triggering videos about mental illness, the more I understand, the better I can support myself.


  • Staying in control of social media accounts and keeping away from negative influences is a big positive in my life.


  • Downloading kids games. Great to unwind and they also teach you things like being caring, something that reminds me to take care of myself.


  • A mood diary app to have a space to vent that’s private and protected, AND can easily be accessed no matter where I am.


  • The ‘7 cups’ app where I can get extra support in a calming place.


  • Lastly, an app I was recommended today by a lovely girl from 7 cups – ‘Stop, breathe & think’ – a meditation app I’ve fallen in love with where you can customise mindfulness exercises to your mood and how much time you have.

I hope you have all got some things to think about, remember you are your own person and you are STRONG.

I will be seeing you all again soon with some news on my treatment plan and future, notice how I mentioned college in this post, things are getting exciting.

Liam 🙂