Young Carer

A young carer is someone aged 18 or under who helps look after a relative who has a condition, such as a disability, illness, mental health condition, or a drug or alcohol problem. Most young carers look after one of their parents or care for a brother or sister.

I never thought I would do this to them, my little sister and 2 little brothers, although there’s nothing little about them anymore. They’re growing up faster than they should have but there’s nothing anyone can do to change that. All I can do is try my best to get better, I owe it to them and to myself. 

They’re being referred to a young carers service and I’m happy and relieved they’ll be getting the right support. Things are going to start looking up soon, I’m going to make it happen. 

It’s just one foot in front of another. 

Liam 🙂


30 Things That Make Me Smile

I’m really feeling like I want to make the most of having a positive day. I woke up early, I finished some things I had been putting off, played a game with my family, planned meeting up with a friend who’s visiting the country and spent some time outside! 

I’m going to write 30 things that make me smile. I found it whilst looking for writing prompts and it seemed perfect for today…

  1. My mum calling me Liam or using he/him pronouns
  2. Misty purring, every time without fail
  3. Watching Miranda (which I haven’t done in a while)
  4. The colour yellow
  5. Finding a real flower with a naturally pleasant smell
  6. Being smiled at
  7. Receiving letters
  8. Sending letters
  9. Buying a really good gift for someone
  10. Painting in the kitchen whilst my mum sends emails
  11. Whenever I find Misty sleeping on my bed
  12. Misty’s and my family’s quirks
  13. Seeing my bed made (if I do it or someone else does)
  14. Doing siblings things with my siblings
  15. Looking at kids books in bookstores
  16. Listening to Taylor Swift (especially with my sister)
  17. Looking through photo albums
  18. Cups of tea
  19. Seeing a rainbow
  20. My unicorn teddy named Poop
  21. Exciting pens (like my owl one, it flaps when you press hard 
  22. My bedroom, I try to get out and stay out of it during the day and then at night when I return it’s great 
  23. Getting an unexpected message
  24. Receiving my newspaper that I forget comes on a Friday even though I’ve been getting it for several years
  25. When an Amazon package arrives for one of my siblings
  26. Children
  27. Skype calls
  28. Hearing from my friends in California
  29. Being asked something I can actually contribute to
  30. Going anywhere that has the sea

I found myself listing more without realising. It was slow thinking of 10 things but after that is was easy. I smile a lot and that’s a really good thing. I’ll see you all soon, definitely give this a go in a notebook or something.

Liam 🙂

Day 7: Realise Change is Inevitable

The last day of the 7 day positivity challenge. I’m very glad I did it, it’s helped me see the good in the week and keep writing. Today’s final challenge is to name something I want to or am going to change.

Everything around me is already changing, and I am really not one for change. It kinda goes without saying, change = massive breakdown. THATS what I want to and need to change.

I need to face the changes and go with them. Allow he mourning and then move on, keep going, see the positives! 

I’m being discharged from CAMHS very soon, moving my care onto EIS for probably the next 3 years or so. They specialise in psychosis and will help with my dissociation. The core problems are finally going to be worked on and explored.

I finished DBT group only yesterday. Things are changing already whether I like it or not, and maybe that’s okay.

Liam 🙂

Day 6: Open Your Mind

Name something new you have learnt this week or month…

  • Planning out your week in a structured way means the most important things do get done.
  • Things can get better for everyone, no matter how tough and hopeless things seem.
  • Being proactive is best.

It’s been a tough and tiring week, especially the weekend, but I’m ready for what’s to come…

Liam 🙂

Day 5: Treat Yourself

I struggle with treating myself. It’s something about the guilt. Do I deserve it? Will my mental illness even let me?

On good days, my treat will be a smoothie or a cup of tea, maybe going to a book shop or ordering something online (usually a book or art supplies)…

On a not so good day, my treat will be a shower or a trip to the bathroom. And it takes so much effort. I struggle my way through these days, but I always get through them.

I want self care to become part of my daily routine, not a treat or something I have to validate doing. I’m getting there slowly but surely.

This is a day late but that’s okay. I’m not in the best of moods but I’m okay. Things are okay.

Liam 🙂

Day 4: Let Go of the Negativity

Today’s challenge is asking how do you ‘let go’?

I like to think that for me letting go is easy, but it really isn’t. I consciously decide I’ve let go when actually it’s still festering in my mind. But over time, if I keep continuously letting it go in my head (instead of pushing away) through mindfulness, I do eventually let it go. 

The main things that help me, are distracting and mindfulness. Distracting for me is very easy, I’m in a place where there are a lot of positive things I can do that will make me feel good, like writing or sending letters or preparing for upcoming events that I’m looking forward to.

Mindfulness is something I used to hate, but I’m now a little bit obsessed. Journeys to book shops now consist of me (amongst everything else) looking in the spiritual section and finding it filled with mindfulness meditation guides, background info, psychological stuff. I just love it!

A certain app is what really got me into it, suggested to me by a lovely person I was chatting to on 7cups. It’s called ‘Stop, breathe and think’. 

In short, it’s an app that is an amazing intro to mindfulness. You can check in, stating how you are doing mentally and physically. You then select a few emotions that fit how you’re feeling (there’s a vast amount of choice) and it suggests different mindfulness exercises according to how you’re doing!

The meditations are 2mins+ and you have a lot of choice and an option to buy certain packs if you want longer or more specific ones.

It is so worth it, even if you think mindfulness is a load of rubbish or you just don’t get it, try that app, get it for a day and see what its like. You won’t regret it.

Hope you’re all having great days, I’ll see you tomorrow!

Liam 🙂

Day 3: See Positivity in Every Situation

Day 3 of the 7 day positivity challenge has come and gone, but it’s an important one so I’m still going to do it!

The challenge is to name 5 good things that have happened in the past week or month. June has only started recently and I already feel like it hasn’t been as productive or positive as I would have liked, however I know I have been trying hard and have achieved lots.

  1. I’m getting back into a routine of writing on here, something I enjoy and can now build up spending time on
  2. I’ve written lots of letters already!
  3. With the negativity of social media more recently I decided to switch off all notifications and it’s been so peaceful.
  4. The weather has been great recently and I’ve been able to enjoy it
  5. I bought something for myself that wasn’t the usual ‘stickers and colouring postcards to do for others’. It’s for me and only me!

If you aren’t going to list these things then definitely think of them, you’re doing better than you think!

Liam 🙂