A New Month

June has arrived and I am back. Back without boundaries and just 27 days to explore and write freely as much as I can and want.

Upcoming posts:

The 7 Day Positivity Challenge

This challenge starts on June 6th and I will be using the daily challenges as prompts for posts over this first week. For more information on this, head over to Cortnee’s video

  1. Practice Gratitude (challenge: name three things you are thankful for)
  2. Practice Self-Love (challenge: name three things you like about yourself)
  3. See Positivity in Every Situation (challenge: name five good things that happened in the past week or month)
  4. Let Go Of The Negativity (challenge: how do you “let go”)
  5. Treat Yourself (challenge: how do you “treat yourself”)
  6. Open Your Mind (challenge: name something new you learned in the past week or month)
  7. Realize Change Is Inevitable (challenge: name something you are going to change in your life or want to change)


I’ll be seeing you all soon,

Liam 🙂


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