Day 3: See Positivity in Every Situation

Day 3 of the 7 day positivity challenge has come and gone, but it’s an important one so I’m still going to do it!

The challenge is to name 5 good things that have happened in the past week or month. June has only started recently and I already feel like it hasn’t been as productive or positive as I would have liked, however I know I have been trying hard and have achieved lots.

  1. I’m getting back into a routine of writing on here, something I enjoy and can now build up spending time on
  2. I’ve written lots of letters already!
  3. With the negativity of social media more recently I decided to switch off all notifications and it’s been so peaceful.
  4. The weather has been great recently and I’ve been able to enjoy it
  5. I bought something for myself that wasn’t the usual ‘stickers and colouring postcards to do for others’. It’s for me and only me!

If you aren’t going to list these things then definitely think of them, you’re doing better than you think!

Liam 🙂


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