Day 4: Let Go of the Negativity

Today’s challenge is asking how do you ‘let go’?

I like to think that for me letting go is easy, but it really isn’t. I consciously decide I’ve let go when actually it’s still festering in my mind. But over time, if I keep continuously letting it go in my head (instead of pushing away) through mindfulness, I do eventually let it go. 

The main things that help me, are distracting and mindfulness. Distracting for me is very easy, I’m in a place where there are a lot of positive things I can do that will make me feel good, like writing or sending letters or preparing for upcoming events that I’m looking forward to.

Mindfulness is something I used to hate, but I’m now a little bit obsessed. Journeys to book shops now consist of me (amongst everything else) looking in the spiritual section and finding it filled with mindfulness meditation guides, background info, psychological stuff. I just love it!

A certain app is what really got me into it, suggested to me by a lovely person I was chatting to on 7cups. It’s called ‘Stop, breathe and think’. 

In short, it’s an app that is an amazing intro to mindfulness. You can check in, stating how you are doing mentally and physically. You then select a few emotions that fit how you’re feeling (there’s a vast amount of choice) and it suggests different mindfulness exercises according to how you’re doing!

The meditations are 2mins+ and you have a lot of choice and an option to buy certain packs if you want longer or more specific ones.

It is so worth it, even if you think mindfulness is a load of rubbish or you just don’t get it, try that app, get it for a day and see what its like. You won’t regret it.

Hope you’re all having great days, I’ll see you tomorrow!

Liam 🙂


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