Day 7: Realise Change is Inevitable

The last day of the 7 day positivity challenge. I’m very glad I did it, it’s helped me see the good in the week and keep writing. Today’s final challenge is to name something I want to or am going to change.

Everything around me is already changing, and I am really not one for change. It kinda goes without saying, change = massive breakdown. THATS what I want to and need to change.

I need to face the changes and go with them. Allow he mourning and then move on, keep going, see the positives! 

I’m being discharged from CAMHS very soon, moving my care onto EIS for probably the next 3 years or so. They specialise in psychosis and will help with my dissociation. The core problems are finally going to be worked on and explored.

I finished DBT group only yesterday. Things are changing already whether I like it or not, and maybe that’s okay.

Liam 🙂


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