30 Things That Make Me Smile

I’m really feeling like I want to make the most of having a positive day. I woke up early, I finished some things I had been putting off, played a game with my family, planned meeting up with a friend who’s visiting the country and spent some time outside! 

I’m going to write 30 things that make me smile. I found it whilst looking for writing prompts and it seemed perfect for today…

  1. My mum calling me Liam or using he/him pronouns
  2. Misty purring, every time without fail
  3. Watching Miranda (which I haven’t done in a while)
  4. The colour yellow
  5. Finding a real flower with a naturally pleasant smell
  6. Being smiled at
  7. Receiving letters
  8. Sending letters
  9. Buying a really good gift for someone
  10. Painting in the kitchen whilst my mum sends emails
  11. Whenever I find Misty sleeping on my bed
  12. Misty’s and my family’s quirks
  13. Seeing my bed made (if I do it or someone else does)
  14. Doing siblings things with my siblings
  15. Looking at kids books in bookstores
  16. Listening to Taylor Swift (especially with my sister)
  17. Looking through photo albums
  18. Cups of tea
  19. Seeing a rainbow
  20. My unicorn teddy named Poop
  21. Exciting pens (like my owl one, it flaps when you press hard 
  22. My bedroom, I try to get out and stay out of it during the day and then at night when I return it’s great 
  23. Getting an unexpected message
  24. Receiving my newspaper that I forget comes on a Friday even though I’ve been getting it for several years
  25. When an Amazon package arrives for one of my siblings
  26. Children
  27. Skype calls
  28. Hearing from my friends in California
  29. Being asked something I can actually contribute to
  30. Going anywhere that has the sea

I found myself listing more without realising. It was slow thinking of 10 things but after that is was easy. I smile a lot and that’s a really good thing. I’ll see you all soon, definitely give this a go in a notebook or something.

Liam 🙂


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