3 Things I’ve Learnt From DBT


Last Thursday I had my last appointment with my individual therapist who’s been working with me for over a year. We had lunch and chatted about everything that wasn’t saying goodbye. We did briefly talked about us both sucking at goodbyes and we’d wait until the last appointment with CAMHS to actuall say it.

It’s now 2 days away and I actually don’t feel very strongly about it at the moment which I think is a good thing. 

There were a few reflecting questions my therapist asked me, like where I see myself in 5 years (that needs a whole post to itself) and also to list 3 things I’ve learnt from DBT. 

I said:

  1. I can do anything, really.
  2. I can put myself first
  3. I have a lot of skills in my brain to help me cope with life

The first was what I said exactly. I feel like I can do pretty much anything if I have survived DBT therapy and the last year of my life. Like I got through all that and kept ploughing on, surely I can get through anything now.

The second was that I can put myself first, emphasis on the can. I started off DBT worrying more about the others in the group, how they were managing and how I could help and support them. Then, after a friend told me during my second last module (I did 5) I had to recover for me and stop getting so attached to everyone else, I realised my main motivation for group was to help everyone there and that wasn’t right. After some rethinking I took a lot of massive steps once I realised I need to recover for me and things improved very quickly. I learnt that putting myself first was something I could do and great things came out of,

And thirdly the obvious one, I have learnt SO MANY skills from DBT to help me cope with day to day life. I know them all so well and I am so thankful I got the oppurtunity to do DBT and have been supported all the way through. 

With that I shall leave you and hopefully see you soon with another post, I hope you are having a nice weekend.

Liam 🙂