Worry Page


For several years I’ve struggled with insomnia quite badly. Fortunately, now with medication and a better understanding of myself, (like how I can cope with agitation, anxiety, hearing voices etc…) I get 8 hours sleep most nights.

Something I’ve been using a lot more recently is writing. Specifically things on my mind that are overwhelming me and maybe have been all day or for a long time. I find having it on one page helps me start to process it. I call it a worry page and it helps me calm down and get things out of my head so I can sleep better and have less disturbances each night.

It’s pretty basic but it helps me a great deal.

A week after sometimes I’ll look back at what I’ve written on my worry page. A lot of the worries are actually solved by then, or aren’t worrying me so much and that’s really good for me to see on paper. It’s encouraging to see that however big and important a problem seems, that changes quicker than you’d think.

I figured out that this worked for me by myself and I’m really proud I’m able to create my own coping strategies. It’s a really good thing anyone can try.

Liam 🙂