Creative Process Challenge

This is a challenge I saw on YouTube that Tina from OverallAdventure and Felicia Follum made together. On here I generally write about my journey with mental illness and being transgender, and it’s important to know art is a huge part of my life and how I cope with everything. Whether that’s writing or drawing or music, I enjoy it all.

1.What do you create?

I do lots of free writing where I write about ideas and thoughts and reflections I never realised were there because my head is so busy! I journal and I draw and paint too. I also love music and go through phases of composing on the piano.

2. What do you need to create?

To create I need a comfortable place and a functioning mind, a suitable drink/energy source, some kind of background noise whether that’s a film I stick on or music or my family busying themselves. For art I obviously need all my palettes and brushes and various supplies, the set up is really calming and is part of the creating.

3. Coffee or tea?

Tea! I usually have normal English breakfast tea or peppermint tea.

4. Night or day?

I create best at night for sure, but I get most ideas during the day as I go about my life.

5. Where do you find inspiration?

My imagination. I also use my experiences with things like mental illness to prompt writing and art. I find just general things that happen each day can inspire me, if I ever go looking for things I turn to pinterest though.

6. Routine or wing it?

I do a mixture. I have a routine of writing that I do everyday without fail but it wouldn’t be a disaster if I didn’t. General creations are all done with a ‘wing it’ attitude, I like the spontaneity.

7. Typical artistic challenge?

I am huge a perfectionist so it’s very challenging for me to even start creating because ‘what if it’s not good enough’ or ‘I know it won’t be perfect’. I have to reassure myself every time art isn’t something you can actually do wrong and these rules and stresses are only real because of me. It gets easier but I’ve been creating all my life and I’m only just starting to experience art as a freeing thing rather than a subject. I wrote about perfectionism here and this is a bit more information about my experiences:

“A year ago my fear of failure and low self esteem meant I couldn’t physically write. Especially when it came to creative writing, copying things off the board was manageable but anything I couldn’t do ‘correctly’ wasn’t done at all.

Over the year the things that have helped are things like identifying the core beliefs that are linked to perfectionism, and what caused them. Just becoming more self aware is all you need to do at first, realising that you are being very very harsh on yourself and what you aren’t able to do because of it.”

-Liam on Perfectionism of His Adventures in Wonderland

8. Role models?

All of my role models are creators, although in very different medias. YouTube creators like Berry Robertson and Dodie Clark, Tim Burton because I love his style and creepy and quirky art and animations he has done. Also Matt Damon because of Good Will Hunting and THAT MONOLOGUE! Every scene has the hugest impact on me, it’s so special.

9. Favourite snacks for creativity?

Smoothies and fruit and then anything savoury with humous like crackers.

10. How do you push through creative blocks?

I tend to experience one kind of block, like when I’m having a writing block usually switching to art will keep me going and vice versa. I struggle my way through anything harder than that, I always reach the other side though and that thought keeps me going when I’m frustrated.

11. Ideal creative day?

Your average day in life. I create best on random ordinary days so everyday is an ideal creative day!

12. Advice for young artists?

Don’t ever stop creating because someone tells you you aren’t good enough or artists don’t get paid well. Don’t give up when you doubt your skills, you will get there but only if you keep going.

13. Sum up your creative process in one sentence.
The ordinary stuff prompts the biggest and wildest creations??????


This post has been lying in my drafts for a long time, so I thought I’d finally finish and post it to try and get the momentum of posting back and remind myself of how much I love using this space. Life is absolutely amazing right now, I am at college and haven’t been happy about being educated in so so long. It’s great though. 

Liam 🙂


GIC Referral

This week I had an appointment with my GP for a general meds check up. I hadn’t see her for over a year so when she last saw me I hadn’t come out as transgender yet and I was also very very unwell with my various mental illnesses.

Anyway so I was a little worried about her reaction to me being transgender and prepared myself for any negative or ignorant comments as it wasn’t a stretch to imagine her not being understanding or having personal beliefs against it.

Fortunately, she was great. She was so encouraging of the progress I’ve made mentally and was very open minded when I explained about being transgender.

I explained my feelings and how if I could I’d have top surgery and be on T in a split second, but that it was so much more complicated than that. I explained to her all my reasons for not pushing for a referral to a GIC:

  • The waiting list is so long
  • My mental health has to come first
  • My own dad still hasn’t accepted that I’m trans and I don’t want to push him in case it ends up with him never accepting me
  • My age, I’m almost 17 but if the list is a year then I’ll be almost 18 when I have my first appointment so I might as well get myself on the adults GIC waiting list
  • CAMHS had basically ignored it so there was a part of me that believed it wasn’t something to talk about


So then she asked again if I wanted to be referred and I said yes. SO SHE DID! SHE’S REFERRING ME TO TAVISTOCK JUST LIKE THAT!!!!

There are so many emotions racing in my head but I’m just incredibly excited because its so important to me. I can’t wait to see what’s coming up over the next few years of my transition, things are just being kickstarted.

Liam 🙂