GIC Referral

This week I had an appointment with my GP for a general meds check up. I hadn’t see her for over a year so when she last saw me I hadn’t come out as transgender yet and I was also very very unwell with my various mental illnesses.

Anyway so I was a little worried about her reaction to me being transgender and prepared myself for any negative or ignorant comments as it wasn’t a stretch to imagine her not being understanding or having personal beliefs against it.

Fortunately, she was great. She was so encouraging of the progress I’ve made mentally and was very open minded when I explained about being transgender.

I explained my feelings and how if I could I’d have top surgery and be on T in a split second, but that it was so much more complicated than that. I explained to her all my reasons for not pushing for a referral to a GIC:

  • The waiting list is so long
  • My mental health has to come first
  • My own dad still hasn’t accepted that I’m trans and I don’t want to push him in case it ends up with him never accepting me
  • My age, I’m almost 17 but if the list is a year then I’ll be almost 18 when I have my first appointment so I might as well get myself on the adults GIC waiting list
  • CAMHS had basically ignored it so there was a part of me that believed it wasn’t something to talk about


So then she asked again if I wanted to be referred and I said yes. SO SHE DID! SHE’S REFERRING ME TO TAVISTOCK JUST LIKE THAT!!!!

There are so many emotions racing in my head but I’m just incredibly excited because its so important to me. I can’t wait to see what’s coming up over the next few years of my transition, things are just being kickstarted.

Liam 🙂


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