Today in 2015

Hey there!

So it’s possible you know that I have a recovery instagram account, and today marks a year since I started my old one. I made it to get involved in the recovery community and spread some positivity and used it to track my recovery for almost a whole year. The problem is I put loads of pressure on myself to be positive all the time and to use the account to help others instead of myself. It was good and all but not helpful for me and my recovery at all, so I made a new one which is now helping me much more.

Now that I have an account that works for me, tracking recovery is a positive thing! However there are a lot of pros and cons to having a mental health account on instragram, which have taken me the year to notice and be aware of.

Here’s a little bit of a summary:

I will leave you today with a list of some short term and long term goals to do with my recovery…

  • Be more social by spending time with friends
  • Gain independence in daily life, possibly with the help of PIP
  • Get off my medication
  • Accept my past and current self 
  • Get through college so I can go on to do my dream job and helps lots of children and their families 
  • Be in a stable place with psychosis and dissociation

Liam 🙂


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