Feeling Festive

Today I’ve been at home writing letters and collecting all my Christmas supplies and gifts I’ve already got. It’s been a quiet and happy day and I now have a list of things to buy for my friends and family! My favourite part of Christmas is the lead up to it with all the music and festivity and cheesy films and garish Christmas jumpers. I’ve currently got my cat, Misty, lying on my bed purring and I’m going to get ready soon to go to a charity Christmas party. I’ve been thinking about what keeps me feeling festive all December and really it’s the small things that make me happy 🙂 

1. Christmas music

2. Wintery mood boards. I made one of these on Pinterest which I keep adding to

3. Writing letters. I have a few pen pals so sending Christmas themed letters makes me so happy

4. Using my hand warmers (just look at them!)

5. Vlogmas on YouTube with some of my favourite people (Carrie Hope Fletcher, Tessa Violet and Berry Robertson amongst many others)

6. Wearing my one hideously fabulous Christmas jumper

7. Lots of hot chocolates with snowmen marshmallows


9. Opening my advent calendar everyday

10. The excitement of having both my birthday and Christmas in the same month = ULTIMATE HAPPY MONTH

I hope you are enjoying the exciting month that is December, and if not that’s okay, Christmas can be a really hard time for some people and you shouldn’t feel bad for that. See you tomorrow!

Liam 🙂


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