“Don’t be such a Scrooge”

Leading on from yesterday’s post, I ended it saying I hope you’re all enjoying December, but if not that’s okay because it can be a hard time for some people and no one should feel bad for that. I’d like to build on that today because this is something I realise not everyone will understand.

Christmas can be a really difficult holiday for some people and I have experienced that personally and through people around me. It’s important to be understanding and sensitive to the fact that someone not enjoying Christmas isn’t ‘just being a miserable person’.

These are some of the reasons someone may struggle at Christmas that should be considered before telling someone “don’t be such a Scrooge”…

Bereavement. Recent deaths can mean someone is spending their first Christmas without the friend or family member they have lost. Anniversaries in December can mean bad memories and mourning is connected to Christmas time.

Mental illness. Sadly mental illness doesn’t take a break when it comes to holidays, and often people forget as holidays are generally a relaxing time. For a very food centered celebration with parties, Christmas shopping, and lots of miserable weather, depression, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), anxiety, eating disorders and many others are even harder to cope with at Christmas.

Difficult family dynamics. There are lots of examples of this like family members arguing, split up or divorced parents, step families, favouritism of siblings and not being accepted as LGBTQ.

Poverty. This causes masses of stress for the everyone involved, especially children, of which 120,000  in the UK will be homeless this Christmas. 

So, I’ve mentioned some really big topics here which I haven’t explained as accurately as I would have liked but this is my own brief summary. Please tell me what you think about this and would add or edit as I’m really interested.

I hope your day has been a good one.

Liam 🙂


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