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Hi there!

Today and yesterday have been incredibly hard for me. I had a good but very difficult appointment yesterday which resulted in me losing the rest of the day to dissociation. Today I’ve been in pain all day, so it’s been difficult and I’ve had to take things really slow. I’ve been doing lots of self soothe which is a DBT distress tolerance skill.

A bit of background info is that I did DBT from April 2015-June 2016 with CAMHS and it helped me hugely. Distress tolerance is one of the modules and focuses on coping in a crisis. Self soothe aims to calm all of the senses when things are too much and it involves tending to yourself, something I still struggle with a lot.

I thought it’d be nice to list some examples of self soothe that are especially good to use in the winter and are a bit Christmassy themed! I’ve got an example for each of the senses and have done all of them over the past few days. 

SIGHT: Create a Christmas or winter themed mood board with pictures collected from catalogues and magazines

SMELL: Light scented candles, use a scented soap in the bath or shower

TOUCH: Have a warm bath, stroke a pet, hold hand warmers

HEARING: Listen to calming music or compositions, leave a video on in the background, listen to the sounds of nature

TASTE: Eat biscuits and mince pies, drink tea, eat chocolate and let it melt in your mouth 

I’d recommend you have a go at doing some self soothe, it’s very valuable to treat yourself with kindness because we often forget. You could do an example or think of your own, either way I hope you treat yourself today.

Liam 🙂


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