Family traditions

I think what makes Christmas so special is the lead up to the 25th and how each family will follow their own traditions but will still be based around the same religious story. I find that the combination of Christianity and modern ways can make us lose sight of what the  point of the holiday or celebration is (like easter). In my family we don’t have chocolate advent calendars because my mum believes the point of advent is to count down to a day, not get a treat every day leading up to it. It can be a bit dull with my picture calendars whilst everyone around me has upgraded to meodern chocolate or even make up calendars! Also as a family we don’t start decorations until the day after my birthday, so today we got everything out and the house has had a massive transformation from dull to FESTIVE!! Family traditions are special and individual and are what make Christmas so fantastic.

Liam 🙂 


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