January Goals


I hope you have had a positive start to the year and are happy and healthy. I’ve had a shaky start, hence the lack of posts, but I am back with lots of ideas for upcoming blog posts. 

Going back to Christmas time (when I last posted) I got through it the best I have done in so many years! I was able to celebrate the festivity and not be constantly distracted by mental illness. I haven’t been in crisis and that has been so relaxing in comparison to the last few years.

In December I mentioned how January is historically a very bad month. Although it has been very difficult and I am struggling with psychotic symptoms, I am managing. There is little paranoia which I am so glad about and I’m managing to branch out from my isolated bubble.

Generally I don’t think the whole ‘new year new me’ thing is that great but if it reminds people to reflect on themselves then it can’t be a bad thing. Instead of setting ‘New Years resolutions’, I set 4 January goals. These are:

  • See my care-coordinator every week. With no other professional support in a difficult month this has been important and I have achieved it so far. It’s helped me stay on track and feel better in general.
  • Start the search for a therapist. My psychologist left quite suddenly in December and I’ve been on the lookout for someone since. I made a huge amount of progress with her and haven’t wanted to stop that momentum. During the month I’ve met 2 new therapists but they haven’t seemed all that great. It has helped me realise what I need in a therapist (someone to challenge me safely, not just listen) and that I can actually cope without one.
  • Start yoga. This was to help combat physical pain, so far I’ve been to my first session which was great and I’m excited to be going weekly from now on.
  • Read a book. I have actually finished reading a book!!!!!!! In case you’re interested it was ‘Ths ABCs of LGBT+’ by Ashley Mardell. 

I will end this post with some good news…

I got a letter from Tavistock (NHS gender identity clinic for under 18s) and should have an appointment within 3-4 months! I’m so happy about it!

I hope everyone has a good week, I’ll see you soon in another post.

Liam 🙂