My name is Liam and I’m 18. I live in the UK and I write a lot, like a LOT… and I am the proud owner of 18 completed notebooks. They document everything that’s happened since I was 12; thoughts I’ve had, lists I’ve made, stories and chapters of fiction made up in my head. All whilst going through my own journey with complex mental illness and life growing up as a transgender person.

In December 2015 I decided to write my first blog post, having recently turned 16. I wanted to write about my experiences with mental illness because when I looked for others suffering from psychosis, there were so few and I felt alone. I also wanted a place to express myself as Liam whilst I continued to come out as transgender to friends, family and colleagues. So ‘His Adventures in Wonderland’ was formed and it’s been brilliant! Along the way, I have completed my intensive course in DBT, following a diagnosis of emerging EUPD (which has since been removed). I was also discharged from CAMHS in August 2016 and re-entered mainstream education after 2 years of being at a special school.

I now write about things I enjoy and am interested in, as well as talking about mental illness recovery and what that really means. I am in the process of preparing to study Psychology at university in September 2018, and building up a support system outside of mental health teams. I’m also patiently waiting for 14 months to pass so I can begin physically transitioning under the NHS. I’d be happy for you to join me along the way!

Here are some links and helpful resources related to the content on my blog:

SamaritansAn ear to listen to anyone struggling

The Voice Collective– Support for young people who hear voices or see things that others don’t

Mermaids– Support for young people, children and their families going through gender identity issues

Gendered Intelligence – Provides resources, youth groups and much more specialising in trans people aged 8-25

Thank you so much for visiting,

Liam 🙂

–Last updated: 11/5/18–